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Stanton board meets in regular session

The Stanton Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in regular session Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the town hall. A number of items were on the agenda during the one and one-half hour session.

Among the items on the agenda was the issue of special events and insurance. It is now definite that the Farmers’ market that has been so successful will return in 2009. The board voted unanimously to purchase special events insurance that would cover the 12 Saturdays of June-August 2009. The board is also bringing back the Christmas parade this year after several years’ absence due to safety issues regarding collapsed downtown buildings.

In other action, the board agreed to participate in a recycling proposal that was extended by Clinton Neal, the director of the Haywood County Solid Waste Department. Neal gave a presentation regarding the benefits of recycling as well as the wide variety of items that can now be recycled. Residents participating in the recycling program will be able to pick up their recycling bags at town hall and bring the filled containers back to town hall. Neal said if they had a place to store the containers, his department would pick them up once or twice a week and possibly more if necessary. Mayor Sterbinsky said he thinks the building adjacent to town hall could be used to store the items to be recycled.

The board also took steps to get the downtown area cleaned of debris that resulted from fallen buildings.
The Stanton Planning Commission originally gave the landowners 90 days to clean up the property and 60 days have already passed. After some discussion, Alderman Emma Delk made a motion that the town of Stanton place ads asking for bids to clean up the area and be ready to take action on day 91. A.D. Miller seconded the motion and the motion passed.

In other action, the board voted to cancel a 20-year lease with Dr. Clarice White and implement two separate leases with Dr. Clarice White and Hardeman County Community Health. A building maintenance fund would be established with the rent proceeds.

The town let it be known at the meeting that it will no longer provide free lawn service for individuals. Steps were taken to establish plans for enforcing the code forbidding grasses taller than 10-1/2 inches. If the town cuts the grass it will pass the cost down to the landowner or property.

Mayor Sterbinsky reported to the board that Barker Brothers will increase the costs of garbage disposal to Stanton by 4.5 percent. Since fuel cost is relatively low at this time, the board voted to absorb the cost for now and if the fuel surcharge should increase, the board may need to pass the costs to the residents of Stanton.

The next Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be held at the Town Hall on May 19 at 7 p.m.

Stanton Planning Commission meets
February 19, 2009
By Debbie Sterbinsky

Stanton Planning Commission members met in regular session on February 19. Pictured are members (from left) Royce Barnett, Linda Jones, Frank Fawcett, Chairperson Laura Smith, Mayor Allan Sterbinsky, and state planner Shelton Merrill and an A2H representative.

The Stanton Planning Commission voted against adopting the current proposed plan by A2H when they met on February 19. Options include enlarging the footprint of Stanton to more effectively house the proposed number of residents expected in the future and examine potential locations not included in previous plans. The town has asked A2H to provide a conceptual drawing of an option that extends southeast towards Exit 47 on I 40. Stanton already provides utilities to Exit 47 and beyond.

After the conceptual drawing is received, the Commission will then re-examine all plans, make adjustments where they deem appropriate and adopt a plan that is strategically viable for Stanton. Adopting a plan is essential for Stanton’s future because the county’s proposed Megasite will cause growth quickly in the next few years, or the suburbs of Memphis will continue to move closer to Stanton in the long term.

In other business, Hunt Gallina and Sam Mathes (owners of dangerous downtown properties) were present at the meeting. The Commission provided them with deadlines for cleaning up their properties. Another downtown property owner, Earl Rice, attended his first meeting and presented plans to bring his buildings up to code. The plans will be examined by the town’s inspector Jerry McClinton.

The Stanton Planning Commission voted to change their meeting date to the third Thursday of the month due to board member conflicts with their previous meeting date of the first Tuesday of each month.