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City of Brownsville

City of Brownsville
111 N. Washington
Brownsville, TN 38012

Building Inspection and Code Enforcement

Building and Code Enforcement Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the building and code enforcement department is to ensure that any building done in the city limits is up to current local, state and federal zoning and building codes. We also strive to ensure that property in our city is maintained by enforcing our care of premises codes. This includes enforcing the city’s ordinances regarding grass, junk vehicles, abandoned houses, signage, and unsightly property. This is to protect the public welfare, health and safety of our citizens.

Building Inspector – Jerry McClinton
Code Enforcement Division- Rene' Hendrix.

Current Adopted Codes
2006 International Residential Code
2006 International Building Code
2006 International Plumbing Code
2006 International Fuel Gas Code
2006 International Fire Code
2006 International Mechanical Code

City of Brownsville Licensed Gas Installers
The City of Brownsville requires that anyone doing gas work must be registered with our office and have a Gas Installer Permit. You must complete a permit form; pay a $30.00 fee, have a current business license and a bond for $25,000.00 or certificate of liability for $100,000.00

Contractor Registration Program
The City of Brownsville requires that all contractors be registered with the city building department prior to purchasing a building permit. To register, you present a copy of your license – Home Improvement, Contractor, Spec Builder, or Limited Licensed Plumber, a current business license, and a copy of your current certificate of liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Information to Protect Homeowners
The State of Tennessee requires that work done in the state be done by licensed professionals. As a homeowner hiring a contractor you should always ask to see a license. For your own protection, anyone doing work on your home should have at a minimum a Home Improvement License. The different types of accepted licenses are:

  • Limited Licensed Plumber (LLP)
    To perform plumbing work, you must at a minimum be a Limited Licensed Plumber (LLP). This license is good for work up to $25,000.00. For work done above $25,000.00 you must possess a contractor’s license with MC (full mechanical), CMCA, or MCS (plumbing) classification.
  • Home Improvement License
    Home Improvement Projects valued at $3,000.00 to under $25,000.00 require a Home Improvement License.
  • Contractor License
    Home Improvement or New construction projects valued at $25,000.00 and over require a Contractors License.

Building Permits
To purchase a building permit in the City of Brownsville, you must be the homeowner, with the address as your place of residence, or have a state license for plumbing, home improvement or contractor. Building permits must be purchased for any work, except purely cosmetic, done on residential or commercial property. This includes plumbing, gas, roofing, remodeling, additions and new construction. Sign permits must also be purchased.
Plans for the addition, new construction, and signs must be brought in to the building department for approval by the city building inspector.

Required Inspections

Slab Conventional Flooring
Footing- consisting of Trench, Reinforcing, and Groundwork Plumbing Footing- consisting of Trench, Reinforcing, Floor joists

Foundation Wall


Rough In Plumbing*

Gas Piping*

Heating and Ventilation


Plumbing Fixtures


Certificate of Occupancy

*Plumbing and gas inspections require air or water pressure tests

Please contact City Hall at (731) 772-1212 to ensure that the information listed below is the most current version of our ordinances and provisions.

Provisions for Residential Districts

Provisions for Commercial Districts

Provisions for Industrial Districts


Definition of Subdivision
The division of a tract or parcel of land into two (2) or more lots, sites, or other divisions requiring new street or utility construction, or any division of less than five (5) acres for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development, and includes resubdivision and when appropriate to the context, relates to the process of resubdividing or to the land or area subdivided. (See Section 13-3-401 and 13-4-301, Tennessee Code Annotated.

State of Tennessee Code

Ordinance 852/08/05 - 2006 International Building Code Adoption